Haley still needs your help

Poor Haley just can’t catch a break! After being abandoned in a trailer park, hit by a truck, and giving birth to 6 kittens that she lost, Haley had trouble breathing.

Turns out that Haley had a rare condition–congenital nasopharyngeal stenosis–as well as an abscess at the back of her nose, and fluid in her ear. She went through two separate procedures to open the tissue membrane that blocked the junction between her nose and mouth, but is still severely congested.

The specialist at VSS recommends a repeat CT scan and a rhinoscopy to better visualize the congestion and see why the obstruction hasn’t been cleared, as well as a possible balloon dilation in her nasopharynx. The estimated cost of these procedures is $1823 (see estimate in the youcaring).

Haley has been through so much in her young life. Please consider donating to her medical costs so we can help her breathe easier.

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