FAQs & Resources

What do I need to know about cat ownership?


Should I adopt a kitten or a full grown cat?


Why should I have my cat spayed or neutered?


My cat seems fine. Why should I take them to the vet?


What vaccines should my cat receive? How often should they receive them?


What should I feed my cat?


Should I let my cat go outside or should I keep him indoors?


How do I introduce a new cat to my existing cat?


Can I introduce a new cat to my dog?


What if my cat has litter box issues? What can I do?


Can I adopt a cat/keep my cat if someone in my household has allergies?


Is it okay to declaw my cat?


Is secondhand (or even thirdhand) smoke dangerous for my pet?


I am moving to a rental property and cannot take my cat. Or can I?


What if I have to rehome my pet?


We are having a baby. Does that mean I have to get rid of my cat?


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