My cat seems fine. Why should I take them to the vet?

Cats are very good at hiding pain and illness; it’s a coping mechanism built into their nature to help them avoid predators in the wild. By the time cats exhibit physical symptoms (lethargy, lack of appetite/overeating, vomiting, not drinking enough/drinking too much, urinating too much/too little/not at all, loose stool/diarrhea/constipation, sudden weight loss/gain, excessive licking, fur […]

Buy Coffee and Tea from Giving Bean

Giving Bean roasts and ships coffee directly to your home or office so you’ll enjoy the fresh-roasted difference, but the difference isn’t only in the taste. Each bag helps the funding efforts of Stray Haven! We receive 25% of all online sales. Giving Bean’s offerings include: regular coffee organic and fair trade coffee coffees by country flavored coffee […]

Is It Okay to Declaw My Cat?

In a word, NO. Declawing is a barbaric procedure in which the cat’s toes are amputated at the first knuckle. Declawing can lead to a host of issues, including ongoing pain, the development of arthritis, litter box avoidance, and biting. Read more: Declawing Alternatives (Mobile SPCA) Declawing Cats (World Animal Foundation) Declawing Infographic Think Twice […]