Nika Needs a Full Mouth Extraction

UPDATE: Thanks to your generosity, we raised the funds! Nika’s surgery is scheduled for July 27th.

My name is Nika! I was a friendly cat living in a feral colony. My caretaker noticed I was crying in pain whenever I ate, so Stray Haven took me in and got me to a vet. Turns out that I had a severe throat infection, as well as stomatitis (a very painful inflammation of the gums), but after antibiotics and pain meds, I began feeling much better! I receive a steroid shot every three weeks to help my stomatitis, but it has progressed to the point where I need a full mouth extraction. Having all of the teeth pulled is very effective at combatting stomatitis in most kitties.

The procedure will be done at The Pet Doctor, and the estimated cost is $850-$1000. I’d sure like to get it done before I need another steroid shot!

More photos of me:

Here’s a video of me playing:

I’m eligible for the Senior Cats for Senior Laps program! More info:

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