Two Cats are Better Than One

Kitten season is upon us!  April through August (or even March through October) is the time when rescues and shelters are overflowing with kittens.  If you have ever thought about adopting a kitten, there is no better time than now.  But when considering adoption, consider adopting two (or more).**

  • One kitten can become lonely.  Young kittens need a lot of interaction, and having a second kitten provides a built-in playmate.
  • When kittens wrestle with each other, it helps them understand and define boundaries.  This results in better manners as your kitten grows.
  • Having a playmate and companion provides mental stimulation, resulting in happier and healthier cats as they age.
  • Every kitten that gets adopted frees up space for another kitten in need.  Adopting two kittens frees up two spaces!

Ready to adopt?  Check out our adoptable young kittens HERE.

**The same benefits for adopting two kittens also applies to adopting two adult cats.  If adults are more your speed, check out our non-kittens HERE and HERE.


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