Frequently asked questions (Senior Cats for Senior Laps)

What is the cost to me?

Stray Haven covers all costs for caring for your foster cat. The only cost to you is your time, energy, and love (and any special toys or treats you want to provide).

What happens if my cat gets sick?

Contact us if you think your foster cat needs to see the vet. All vet visits need to be approved and scheduled by Stray Haven at one of our rescue vets. We will arrange to transport your foster cat to and from the vet’s office, if required.

Am I responsible for bringing my cat to adoption events or meet and greets?

No. All of the cats in the Senior Cats for Senior Laps programs are still available for adoption and will be on our website, but you are not required to transport them to adoption events or meet and greets. If someone wants to meet your foster cat, you are more than welcome to bring them to the meet and greet, but we are also able to pick up the cat and transport them to and from the meeting.

What about reviewing adoption applications and screening potential adopters?

All adoption applications are reviewed and approved by Stray Haven.  If you have additional pictures and/or stories about your foster that would help us network them and match them with an appropriate forever home, please feel free to contact us.

What happens if my situation changes and I can’t take care of the cat?

All of our foster cats are part of Stray Haven Rescue. If you are no longer able to take care of your foster for any reason, please contact us to return your foster, and we will place him or her in a different foster home.

What if I want to keep my foster cat?

If you fall in love with your foster, and can’t bear to have someone else adopt him or her, you are more than welcome to adopt.  Our adoption application is here. Please fill it out and send it to


If you have any questions about this program, please send an email to

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