Happy Tails: Toby

IMG_20161209_085456On August 2nd, 2015, my heart was broken when I lost my wonderful cat, Tony. It was not expected; he was sick, but I never knew this would happen to him. As it turned out, I was not the only one in my house who missed Tony. My other cat, Tigger, was broken-hearted, too. He looked and looked for Tony. He did not understand that Tony would not be coming home. How do you explain that to a cat? You just can’t explain it. The hurt was so bad for both of us; I just had to find another “Tony” for Tigger to play with.
It was really too soon to think about another cat, but looking at Tigger just broke my heart. I decided to look at some cats online just to see what kind of cats were available. I then began looking at the Stray Haven Rescue website, and then I saw him! A beautiful orange and white cat who looked so much like Tony that he stole my heart away! He was regal and handsome; his name was Jasper, and he was the ONE! I began the process of adoption and took him home and named him Toby. Tigger learned to love him like a brother and is no longer lonely, and they play all the time and my heart is full of love for Tigger and Toby.

~ Kelly Y.

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