Happy Tails: Flynn

IMG_1192After the birth of our son six years ago, we noticed our only cat (Marla) seemed unhappy about not receiving as much attention anymore. We went back and forth on the decision whether or not to find her a cat friend. After reading the profiles of several cats at Stray Haven, we decided to go meet a sweet rescue cat named Flynn. Flynn’s background was pretty traumatic: he had been living in a home with meth users and the father in the family was severely mentally ill. CPS removed the children from the home and animal control took Flynn. Stray Haven stepped in and rescued Flynn. At the time, he was pretty neglected and unwell–ear mites, matted fur, etc. When we first met Flynn, he jumped right up on my lap and started purring. We knew pretty much right away this was our cat and adopted him that day.


IMG_1544Flynn continues to be the biggest love bug ever and he is enamored with our son. Flynn jumps up on his bed every night for a bedtime story, drools when he’s super happy, and plays fetch like a puppy. Now dubbed Flynn Heisenberg as a throwback to his roots (Breaking Bad fans will get the reference), we are totally in love with this big guy and are so grateful to have him in our family.

~ Kati F.


IMG_1211 IMG_2046

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