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APRIL 2017

Featured Feline: Bolt (FIV+)  |  Stray Haven Now Partnering with Mauhaus Cafe  |  Cheeburger Cheeburger Fundraiser  |  Volunteers Needed  |  Happy Tails: Flynn  |  My Cat Seems Fine. Why Should I Take Him to the Vet?


Featured Feline: JJ  |  Layla Restaurant Fundraiser  |  Thank You for Supporting our Popcorn Fundraiser  |  Happy Tails: Toby  |  FIV+ Cats are Purrfectly Adoptable


Featured Feline: Karlie (Declawed, Deaf)  |  Thank You for a Successful Pet Expo 2016  |   Nom Nom Popcorn Online Fundraiser  |  Happy Tails: Bunny  |  Thank You for Helping Searcher  |  Jewelscent Online Fundraiser  |  Craft Fair


Featured Feline: Josie  |  Stray Haven at the St. Charles County Fall Garage Sale  |  Trivia Night 2016  |  Thanks for a Successful Culver’s Night  |  Happy Tails: Sylvia and Petunia  |  Stray Haven at the St. Louis Pet Expo  |  Nom Nom Popcorn Online Fundraiser


Featured Feline: Sir Byron  |  White Castle Fundraiser August 8  |  Communications Director Visits Local Animal Rescues on the Island of St. Maarten  |  Volunteers Needed  |  Happy Tails: Pearl  |  Culver’s Fundraiser Night September 13

JUNE 2016

Featured Feline: Gilbert  |  Thank You for a Successful #GiveSTL Day  |  Volunteers Needed  |  Bahama Buck’s Fundraiser Night  |  Stray Haven to be Featured on Y98 this Month  |  Happy Tails: Flash and Arrow  |  Buy Coffee and Tea from Giving Bean  |  How Do I Introduce a New Cat to My Existing Cat?

APRIL 2016

Featured Feline: Mike  |  Stray Haven Now Has Three Locations – Volunteers Needed  |  Kitten Season is Coming  |  Upcoming Events – April/May/June  |  Happy Tails: Subby and Tiny  |  Feline Nutrition and Proper Food Storage


Valentine Adoption Special  |  Cheeburger Fundraiser  |  Volunteer Cage Cleaners Needed  |  Happy Tails: Fabian and Finn  |  Urinary Issues in Cats – Part 2: Behavioral


Introducing the Only Hearts Club  |  Thank You for a Successful St. Louis Pet Expo 2015  |  Do Your Holiday Shopping on Amazon and Support Stray Haven  |  Happy Tails: Olivia  |  Urinary Issues in Cats – Part 1: Medical

Featured Feline: Minstrel  |  Come See Us at the St. Louis Pet Expo  |  Happy Tails: Lydia  |  Halloween and Black Cats |  Is it Okay to Declaw My Cat?

Featured Feline: Peabody  |  How Much Does it Cost [to Run Stray Haven]?  |  Happy Tails: Jasmine  |  Should I Adopt a Kitten or an Adult Cat?

JUNE 2015
Featured Feline: Lady Elaine  |  Thank you for a Successful Give STL Day 2015  |  Happy Tails: Nila  |  Happy Hour Fundraiser a Success  |  Cats and the Great Outdoors

APRIL 2015
Featured Feline: Louie the Love Bug  |  Give STL Day  |  We’ve Been Published  | Happy Tails: Finn  |  Athletes for Animals Grant Recipient  |  Foster Homes Needed



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