What Your Adoption Fee Covers

Adoption fees cover standard vetting for otherwise healthy cats and kittens. Many of the cats we rescue have injuries, illnesses, or other health problems which adoption fees do not cover (and which are not reflected in the chart below). Adopting from a rescue saves an adopter a significant amount of money over privately vetting a cat or kitten.

Adoption fees do not cover our operating costs, which include nonstandard/emergency vetting, food, litter, medications, supplies, etc. We do not receive government subsidies; as a nonprofit 501(c)(3), we rely strictly on private donations. If you would like to support our lifesaving work, please click here.


Our adoption fee includes: What these services would have cost you at a local vet:
Prices as of January 2016
1. Health exam $49.75
2. Neuter/spay $149.20 – $248.25
3. Age-appropriate vaccines* $81.25 – $128.95
4. FIV/FeLV test $61.35
5. Microchip $59.55
6. Flea treatment $22.04
7. Deworming $29.14
Adoption Fee: $125** TOTAL $452.28 – $599.03***

*Kittens do not receive the rabies vaccine until 4 months of age. All cats and kittens receive the FVRCP vaccine.
**Discounted adoption fee on two or more. Some breeds slightly higher.
***Injuries, illnesses, or other health problems are in addition to these costs.





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